Dryer Cleaning

Dryer cleaning is very important, as flammable lint accumulates inside the dryer and its vent, which eventually might catch on fire. In fact, every year there are 15,000 fires in the U.S, caused by dryer fires alone. Cleaning your dryer then is crucial for your safety.

Cleaning Tips

Here are some useful cleaning tips for keeping a safe environment in your home. Keeping a strict cleaning regime is the most important thing you should do.

  • During the drying process, the dryer produces heat and lint that gradually get clogged inside and deep in the vent and the exhaust. They will eventually get blocked, the air flow will be impaired and a fire could start. To avoid lint blockage, open and clean your lint’s filter every time you dry your clothes. It’s easy and it takes no more than 2 minutes. It is also absolutely necessary for proper drying.
  • Look for the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Basically, every dryer looks and works the same. However, the way of cleaning it might change. We recommend following the instructions, especially if this is your first time cleaning it. If you’re having trouble, it is best to call a professional cleaning service.
  • Try to look for lint and dirt inside the exhaust and vent and thoroughly clean them. On many occasions there are areas that you can’t see and may not be aware of. Carpet Cleaning Omaha recommends using professional cleaning in order to reach those areas and properly clean them. You’ll get a free estimate and fair prices.
  • Use professional cleaning equipment like a high pressure and flexible hose that get rid of all lint and dirt that get stuck deep inside the exhaust and vent. If you don’t already have proper cleaning equipment, it is advice to use a professional cleaning service. It will save you time on cleaning and money on cleaning equipment that you will no longer need.
  • Keep awareness and look for warning signs. If it takes higher temperatures or if drying your clothes is taking much more time than it usual does, there may be blockage of lint, coming out the dryer exhaust and vent, preventing the natural flow of air and heat. If that happens, you should stop using the dryer and immediately get it cleaned before it will be too late.
  • In any case, Carpet Cleaning Omaha strongly suggests cleaning your dryer exhaust and vent ever 2-3 years. It may look harmless; however, the dryer machine can quickly become a fire-hazard if not properly cleaned. Therefore, it is not wise to avoid, having your dryer cleaned.